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Ghostfacers: A Supernatural Rewatch

Dec 27, 2021

In the sixty-seventh episode of Supernatural, The brothers are warned off investigating some mysterious deaths in a small town by Castiel and his fellow angel Uriel, and later discover that a witch is sacrificing people in order to summon the terrifying demon Samhain.

Intro/Outro performed by Aaron Barry

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Dec 20, 2021

In the sixty-sixth episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean visit a small Colorado town where a mysterious sickness is killing residents. The victims appear to have died of fright, and when Dean becomes infected, Sam and Bobby must move fast to save him.

Intro/Outro performed by Aaron Barry

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Dec 13, 2021

In the sixty-fifth episode of Supernatural, It is Halloween, and Sam and Dean must fight against a shapeshifter with a predilection for impersonating classic black-and-white movie monsters like `Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy'.

We are joined by Dracula himself! Actor, writer, and Dungeon Master Todd Stashwick joins...

Dec 6, 2021

In the sixty-fourth episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean discover a man named Jack who is turning into a rugaru/rougarou, a creature that changes from a human into a flesh-eating monster; Sam thinks that Jack can learn to control his urges, but Dean thinks the only honourable thing to do is shoot him.