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Ghostfacers: A Supernatural Rewatch

Oct 19, 2020

In the seventh episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean investigate an age-old urban legend known only as the Hook-Man, the spirit of a 19th century pastor with a twisted sense of morals that is unknowingly being used as an innocent girl's attack dog.


The Road So Far

Dad’s Journal

Episode Notes

  • (12:07) Behind the scenes facts and trivia
  • (14:20) Opening on the Theta House at Eastern Iowa University
  • (18:50) Dean and Sam at the cafe with their stickered laptop
  • (21:54) Cut to the church, Reverend Sorenson, and the boys undercover skills
  • (27:17) Back to 9-Mile Road and the rock salt shot guns
  • (33:22) Smelling ozone for the first (and last?) time and finding the Jerusalem Cross
  • (36:08) Dean searches for the grave, Sam watches Lori’s house
  • (39:00) Lori’s dad is attacked by The Hook, Dean’s bone burning didn’t take, and the Reverend is cleared of suspicion
  • (42:02) Searching for something silver and burning versus reforging
  • (47:51) Dean gets the girl at the end

Closing Thoughts and Episode Rating

  • (49:30) Reid’s closing thoughts and takeaways, 4/5 Hooks
  • (52:34) Richard’s remarks and 4/5 Hooks


Intro/Outro performed by Aaron Barry

Artwork by Erin Gallagher

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