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Ghostfacers: A Supernatural Rewatch

Sep 28, 2020

In the fourth episode of Supernatural, a friend of John's calls Sam and Dean for help about a strange recording on the black box of a crashed plane. They soon realize that the demon which caused the crash is picking off the crash's only seven survivors.


The Road So Far

  • Robert Singer
  • (3:22) The TV Guide description from 2005
  • (7:18) The new Washington Football Team name and flying

Dad’s Journal

Episode Notes

  • (14:37) Opening of the episode and background of the episode
  • (16:51) The first appearance of a demon
  • (21:18) The boys get a call from an old friend of their dad’s, Jerry
  • (25:30) 100 people on board, only 7 got out alive
  • (31:10) The boys rent some suits and pretended to be window models
  • (34:18) The boys injure themselves on set and suffer the series long repercussions
  • (37:55) Back to the motel to research on the “tattooed” laptop
  • (40:00) The 40-minute connection and Christian folklore
  • (43:20) The first appearance of comedic, scaredy-cat Dean
  • (49:26) Going to find the possessed person
  • (55:10) The classic Supernatural ending

Closing Thoughts and Episode Rating

  • (56:53) Reid’s closing thoughts and 4/5 Plane Crashes Rating
  • (58:02) Richard’s takeaways and 4/5 Plane Crashes Rating


Intro/Outro performed by Aaron Barry

Artwork by Erin Gallagher

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