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Ghostfacers: A Supernatural Rewatch

Oct 5, 2020

In the fifth episode of Supernatural, a game of Bloody Mary unleashes a ghost who lives in mirrors and kills by gouging out the eyes of her prey, and Sam and Dean must find a way to stop her before she claims another victim.


The Road So Far

  • (1:46) The TV Guide description, featured music
  • (4:45) Playing Bloody Mary as a kid


Dad’s Journal


Episode Notes

  • (12:15) The influence of Kripke’s childhood in smalltown Ohio
  • (13:20) Opening on the slumber party
  • (18:15) Melted eyes, an unnatural amount of blood, and specific vs.general monsters
  • (23:24) “What are you?  Cops or something?”  “Yea, something like that.”
  • (25:45) Inconsistencies in Bloody Mary’s target, Sam has a dream, and Jill dies
  • (29:35) Establishing the use of a camera lens and blacklights, a nod to Smallville
  • (33:00) Tracking down the mirror and researching the lore
  • (36:14) Back to the highschool and confronting some disbelief
  • (40:50) Now it's time for the boys to solve the problem, Sam’s secret
  • (47:45) The episode wrap up and Sam won’t tell Dean about his dreams


Closing Thoughts and Episode Rating

  • (49:24) Richard’s thoughts and 3.5/5 Rating
  • (50:33) Reid’s takeaways and 3.5/5 Rating


Intro/Outro performed by Aaron Barry

Artwork by Erin Gallagher

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